A Property Love Story That Shall Surprise You!
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A Property Love Story That Shall Surprise You!

Husband finds out landlord of rented home is his own wife!

It’s a love story with a surprising twist. A newlywed couple just moved into an apartment unit, and is ready to share their new life together. Due to financial constraints, they decided to rent the apartment instead. Moreover, owning a new home can be a real hassle in terms of the expenditure as well as commitment.

However, just five months after moving into their dream home, the husband discovered a shocking secret. It turns out that his beloved wife happens to be the landlord of their apartment, and he had been diligently paying the monthly rent to her all this while! This is truly a surprising revelation of sorts as all along the apartment itself actually belongs to them, period!

How would you react if your partner or loved one conceals something as big as this from you? After all, marriage is built on trust and couples must be completely honest with each other. Despite a barrage of criticisms from netizens, the wife explains that she had bought the property prior to their marriage and had intended to present it to her husband as a wedding gift.

Although initially it felt rather awkward having to collect rent every month from her own hubby, she maintains that business is still business. Most married couples she knows do pretty much the same thing too. Homeownership is essentially a shared responsibility between two people committed to living together. And being the loving wife she is, she promises not to “evict” him if he abstains from paying his due, no pun intended!

So, what do you think of this bone-tickling story? Does it irk you that the wife has been “untruthful”? Does the story itself relate to you in any way that reminds you of a similar situation which you used to face or encounter? But whatever your personal experiences, always remember, marriage is a two-way street. We must learn to compromise…give and take so to speak. We hope you enjoyed reading this humorous article, cheers folks!