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CSX Grand Gala Night 2023 – A Night of Excellence @ HGH Galaxy Banquet Hall, HGH Convention Centre


A glam and glitzy awards ceremony to celebrate and commemorate the annual achievements of CSX agents and negotiators

Home Living

Celebrating the Love and Joy of Moms on Mother’s Day


Rediscovering the true meaning of mother’s love on her auspicious day!

Company News

A Breakthrough Interview with Jennyfer Ong of Cornerstone Xstate


Up, close and personal with the MIEA-NREA 2022 ‘Rookie REN of the Year’

Buying & Selling Homes

Five Key Factors Impacting Property Prices in the Malaysian Real Estate Market


Identifying the fundamental factors affecting the value of properties towards owning your dream home

Neighbourhood Talk

Four Fundamental Reasons to Choose a Profession in Property


Embark on a rewarding career as a real estate negotiator!

Company News

CSX celebrates Raya Aidilfitri @ Meet-X ‘Buka Puasa’ featuring Zoei Lim and Wong Yau Long


Welcome back to CSX MEET-X @ ‘Buka Puasa’ in April 2023!

Company News

Aidilfitri - An End to the Holy Month of Ramadan


A festive celebration of passion, affection & compassion.

Home Living

Home Makeover Tips for Raya Aidilfitri


Time to spruce up your home this festive Raya season!