Cornerstone Xstate’s 2021 Virtual Annual Awards Night
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Cornerstone Xstate’s 2021 Virtual Annual Awards Night

CSX continues to fight the good fight in guiding agents, transforming people and enriching lives!

Cornerstone Xstate has come a long way since its first-ever virtual awards pageant back in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. After months of painstaking preparations, 2021 Annual Awards Night is finally here folks! The most anticipated CSX mega event of the year showcases all awards and accomplishments as well as recognizing and honouring agents and negotiators who have done Cornerstone proud. This milestone awards ceremony is truly a fitting tribute to the agents and negotiators who have delivered ground-breaking deals and transactions throughout the past year despite countless challenges and never-ending adversities. All their sweat and tears, diligent efforts and also hard work have ultimately paid off at last!

The Awards Night kicked off with a heart-warming and awe-inspiring speech from managing director Wong Yau Long who praised agents and negotiators for their awesome accomplishments. Continue to equip and empower oneself with the skills, acumen and knowledge in embracing the competition. We must constantly remain vigilant amidst the prevalent pandemic and be prepared for any adversities and uncertainties that might arise. He also reminded agents and negotiators to step up their game as well as to strive for real estate excellence. Keep the faith and believe that the Malaysian property industry will bounce back by 2022. Be ever grateful for the love, support and blessings we have received in our quest towards enriching the lives and livelihoods of others. Always stay strong, remain humble, keep moving and keep on hustling CSX!

During the interval, CSX’s very own superstars delivered a powerful rendition of ‘Fight Song’ led by Carol Yong and Jackson Kai-Chek with Alen Boon, Fina Hamzah, Clarise Kuan and Nick Oui who were the top finalists in the recent CSX Got Talent 2021 singing competition. Their heartfelt performance of this “earth-shattering” song exemplifies the exponential battles, struggles as well as endless trials & tribulations taken in achieving one’s greatest dreams, desires and also successes!

Prior to the live event, the CSX management team took time off to hand deliver an awards gift box to all award winners residing throughout Klang Valley. For four consecutive days, the management team comprising Wong Yau Long, Carol Yong and Christina Kuan went on a road trip all over the city and state, and personally delivered the awards to the winners’ homes themselves. Those who had received the award in person were pleasantly surprised by the personal touch extended to them by the management. Thank you once again to Yau Long, Carol and Christina for their kind gesture and selfless magnanimity!

During this awards night, CSX also honoured mega producers and top teams in recognition of their persistent hard-work, diligent efforts and unwavering passion. Teamwork truly makes all the dreams work! Cornerstone Xstate is proud and privileged in taking this opportunity on this auspicious occasion to thank its dream teams of agents and negotiators as well as everyone involved in making this glam and glitzy showcase a sparkling success. A special shoutout to event emcee Taco Heidinga for his witty, creative and humorous hosting. And under the astute and visionary leadership of Wong Yau Long, CSX shall continue to reach new milestones, create new frontiers and attain new breakthroughs in guiding agents, transforming people and enriching lives!