Happy Chinese New Year 2021
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CSX Celebrates CNY 2021 Amidst MCO2.0


An Auspicious Festival of Abundance & Prosperity

Come Friday, 12 February 2021, Malaysians nationwide will usher in the ‘Year of the Ox’ in a sombre and lacklustre mood under MCO 2.0 with no cross-border homecoming visits. But even though we remain far apart, we can still keep in contact with our beloved families and friends via online messaging and virtual meetings. And despite the lack of revelry, fanfare or merry-making, yet we continue to celebrate this Lunar New Year with great aplomb & appreciation. As we embrace the constant challenges and also never-ending adversities, let us summon our courage and strengthen our conviction in battling this pandemic together – “raging like a bull!” Always stay committed, stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe folks! Cornerstone Xstate shall continue to guide agents, transform people and enrich lives. Wishing all CSX negotiators, agents, affiliates, partners, vendors, as well as the Malaysian Chinese communities throughout Malaysia a joyful, happy, blessed, abundant and prosperous CNY 2021…Gong Xi Fa Cai!