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CSX Clinches TA Global’s Premier Property Award


Award-winning real estate agency Cornerstone Xstate Sdn Bhd was recently conferred the prestigious Best Performance Agency Award (2017 – 2019) for its three-year long strategic partnership with TA Global via Ativo Suites @ Damansara Avenue, a premier high-rise luxury apartment suites complex by one of the nation’s top property developers. The accolade was duly presented by TA Global’s non- independent non-executive director Yang Berbahagia Datin Tan Kuay Fong to Cornerstone Xstate’s main principal & managing director Mr. Wong Yau Long. Cornerstone Xstate is truly proud and honoured to be associated with a highly prestige brand name such as Ativo Suites. We also look forward in eager anticipation to greater joint ventures and future project collaborations with an esteemed international icon such as TA Global with its flagship portfolios, global networks and impactful presence. Cornerstone continues to espouse property excellence, empower real estate negotiators as well as enriching the lives of Malaysian families & communities. Thank you again, TA!