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Leadership In Times of Crisis with business growth expert and entrepreneurial extraordinaire Ray Chou!

In this exclusive monthly session of CSX Breakthrough Meeting, Cornerstone Xstate is proud and privileged to invite Ray Chou, a world-renowned serial entrepreneur, international investment specialist, business growth expert and success coach/guru who owns nine mega companies (two already sold) throughout his illustrious career as an entrepreneur. During this special session, Ray talks passionately about building a successful business through great leadership as well as maintaining one’s focus, having the courage to embrace change and cultivating exponential growth amid a global pandemic. Navigating through these tough times during a crisis requires real leadership. Leadership begins with self. Before you begin leading a team, you must first lead yourself. Embracing fears, staying focused and moving ahead are prerequisites of a great leader. Intelligence is also the ability to adapt to change.

In times of crisis, doubts and uncertainties always arise. Great leaders have the ability to inspire people to grow, keep them in relative safety, show them unconditional love and drive them towards excellence. Leadership in times of crisis and hardship requires extraordinary measures and quintessential attributes. Clarity of purpose for one is important in goal-setting and vision-aiming. Speed over perfection is inherently important in a modern fast-paced and high-growth business environment. Nonetheless, accelerated growth can lead to uncertainty which creates anxiety. Anxiety is alleviated through learning and gaining knowledge. But when you become too certain or confident of yourself, it can inadvertently lead to arrogance or ego. Uncertainty ultimately leads to learning, but certainty can lead to procrastination and stagnation.

Another method of promoting great leadership is to communicate with empathy. It’s all about connecting with people and caring about them in a sincere and trustworthy manner. There is also the question of inculcating good habits. “Motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going.” Personal habits shape or mold one’s daily routine and impacts one’s progress or development. Ray also suggests creating a habit of greatness or excellence by implementing his ‘10-10-10’ principle of spending 10 minutes daily in order to producing significant changes throughout our lives and livelihoods.

1. 10 mins to ponder on three things you are always grateful for.

2. 10 mins to read something inspirational that makes you grow.

3. 10 mins to put down your thoughts & ideas in words in a journal.

As foremost leadership guru Peter Drucker once said, “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” Leverage your team’s strengths and weakness. Take the initiative and have the courage to invoke change towards building a successful team and organization.

Monthly Character Recognition (Rens&Leaders)

Monthly Character Recognition (Rens&Leaders)

In the Monthly Character Recognition segment, CSX honours an exemplary senior property consultant who exhibits utmost GENEROSITY in supporting his fellow colleagues and team mates as well as his ever willingness to help others in times of need without fear or favor. Alan Yoon’s unbridled selflessness and unequivocal magnanimity are truly without parallel or comparison. CSX also recognizes a team leader who possesses the timeless trait or character of DETERMINATION who always persists and perseveres in the face of adversity as well as pushing the limits or boundaries in achieving ultimate excellence and unlimited success. Vinnie Wong is the epitome of consistency, persistency and perseverance and she constantly embraces adversities and overcomes challenges during difficult times of crisis. Her grit, tenacity and hardworking attitude towards achieving her goals are absolutely awe-inspiring. Bravo, kudos and congratulations once again to Alan and Vinnie for their breakthrough accomplishments!

During this breakthrough meeting, we also witnessed more closings and deal-breakers from seasoned agents and newbie negotiators. We also honored mega producers and top teams in recognition of their diligent efforts, persistent hard-work and unwavering passion. After all, team work makes all the dreams work! CSX continually invests in creative tools and new methodologies, digital marketing strategies as well as innovative smart technologies. 

CSX Singing Competition

CSX Singing Competition

Cornerstone Xstate is also pleased to announced its maiden resident singing competition to be held virtually. Open to all CSX staff, consultants and negotiators, this vocal contest is a golden opportunity for all singer wannabes who wish to showcase their skills and talent but are unable to do so due to the pandemic and lockdowns. THANK YOU to Carol Yong for being so gracious in organizing this fun-tastic and entertaining event as a timely tribute to all aspiring singers at CSX.

Once again, we wish to express our greatest appreciation and a massive THANK YOU to Ray Chou for an illuminating, informative and inspiring sharing session today. As Wong Yau Long himself once said, “The prevalent pandemic may constantly attack us but it shall never ever beat us!” Continue to brave the storm, embrace countless challenges and conquer all adversities. Together as one united family, we will remain in the game, stay motivated, keep moving and continue hustling!