CSX Presents ‘Talks with CSX Leaders’
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CSX Presents ‘Talks with CSX Leaders’


Leaders who guide their teams toward exponential success!

Building and growing a team is never easy, straightforward or a walk in the park. Cornerstone Xstate is proud and privileged to bring you Talks with CSX Leaders, the first instalment in a series of talks featuring top CSX leaders highlighting their personal and also professional accounts on managing a successful team amid constant challenges and adversities that test their grit, resolve, tenacity and competency. They are exceptional and exemplary team leaders who shared their success stories on how they guide their team members towards achieving real estate excellence. In this session moderated by Taco Heidinga via Zoom, we are deeply honoured to introduce Lucas Chiew, Mervyn Ngu, Low Geng Jie as well as Shanneez Ch’ng.

Taking a trip down memory lane, former Uber driver Mervyn Ngu used to make a good living from e-hailing, later forayed into real estate and never looked back. Despite experiencing setbacks from several mega deals in the past, he continued to persist and persevere until success ultimately prevailed. In building a solid team, he believes in hiring quality people. Before you can be good leader, you must first be a good follower. Enriching the lives of team members by guiding and holding their hands. Newly-weds Mervyn and Priscillia are also grateful and appreciative of fellow colleagues and company management for their love and support. His advice to members is to keep learning and stay focused on realizing their dreams!

A diligent and hard-worker, Low Geng Jie is no stranger to the real estate business. Hailing from a property background, he believes that an agent truly enjoys unbridled working flexibility and unlimited monetary rewards as compared to a developer’s sales staff. Leaders not only lead, guide and manage teams, they also serve as mentors and confidants to team members. One of his proudest achievements is having a strong and talented team. Anyone can be successful in this profession; it is simply how much you crave for success. If you want something bad enough, there is a will and way to achieve it. Just seek what you yearn in life without excuses or procrastination!

As a relative newcomer to Cornerstone Xstate, Shanneez Ch’ng is also no stranger to property. Despite businesses struggling amidst the prevalent pandemic, real estate continues to provide the highest returns of investment to negotiators as well as investors. In hiring the right team members, having a positive attitude and receptive-ness toward learning new things are key factors. Always treat real estate as a business and leverage on a niche marketing plan that creates sound investment opportunities. Shanneez’s milestone achievement is having produced newbies who have closed deals within months of joining Cornerstone. Far from being rocket science, real estate negotiation is about following your leader and company teachings. So, let us have faith in Cornerstone Xstate with its great vision and platform, and your breakthrough moment shall appear!

From top producer to team leader, Lucas Chiew has always been a high-flyer since his AirAsia heydays. These days, he is pretty busy and preoccupied with training team members in the fine art of real estate negotiation. Having the right mindset and mental attitude are vital prerequisites in being a real estate negotiator. Having successfully transformed a car salesperson to a full-fledged negotiator is one of the greatest achievements for Lucas as a team leader. His mantra for newbies is to follow their leaders with utmost passion and loyalty. Always hold onto the pole, continue climbing and you will shine!