CSX Presents ’Talks with CSX Producers’ – PART 3
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CSX Presents ’Talks with CSX Producers’ – PART 3


Stay Motivated & Keep Hustling Cornerstone Xstate

Coming into the third week of Cornerstone Xstate’s “Talks With CSX Producers” via Zoom hosted by Taco Heidinga, we warmly welcome four new top producers in sharing their thoughts and ideas as well as relate to their respective hardships and challenges with regards to closing deals. They are none other than Grace Ho, Alan Yoon, Calvin Wong and C.K. Ng. Despite the prevalent pandemic nationwide amidst MCO 2.0, CSX agents and negotiators continue to create key breakthroughs and reach new milestones in their beloved profession.

For senior REN, Alan Yoon, he is steadfastly sticking to his guns and also his trusted game plan in closing deals, whether or not there is an MCO. Daily activities such as calling, appointments and presentations are still undertaken as per usual or normal. The only difference now is Alan is able to perform these tasks through online messaging and virtual meetings. One needs to leverage on quality leads as well as build a strong rapport with customers via a robust and dynamic database. Having more leads helps in succeeding at the “numbers game” in real estate. It is not what you say but how you say it that matters. Always put your nose to the grindstone, and keep hustling!

On the contrary, Calvin Wong remains cool and cautiously optimistic about the apparent lack of prospects in closing deals. However, he is of the view or perception that having a positive mindset is a primary prerequisite to being productive and delivering results. It’s important to identify and review your strengths and weaknesses. Real estate is not just about selling but consulting with clients and catering to their needs and requirements. There is no special formula or secret recipe to Calvin’s success. Be in battle to win the war, and stay motivated!

Maverick negotiator C.K. Ng frankly believes that prospects are generally less busy or preoccupied during this MCO, as they seem to have more free time on their hands. It is vital to have the courage to own up to your mistakes and admit your shortcomings. Adopt a winning attitude in achieving abundance and sustainable success. Cultivate and execute your action plan consistently and persistently. Never limit your challenges, but constantly challenge your limits!

Veteran DPC specialist Grace Ho prefers sub-sales over projects as rental income is relatively abundant particularly for unit renewals. She also believes in being proactive and productive. Avoid getting caught up in the property ‘rat race’ in spite of the stiff competition between rivals. Nurture self-confidence to elevate one’s drive and motivation. Understand the psyche or mental state of prospects to enable one to create unlimited opportunities. Continue to leverage on personal branding and acquire professional acumen in gaining a slight edge or competitive advantage. Having the passion and desire is quintessential in attaining exponential success. She advocates taking everything in stride as everything will eventually come to past!

Whatever challenges or adversities faced by agents and negotiators, CSX shall continue to support their unbridled passion, unwavering persistence and unequivocal perseverance in delivering sales and closing deals. We are in the property business for long-term growth and not merely for short-term profits. In real estate negotiation, it is critical to have the competitive advantage and a slight edge. So, stay motivated and keep hustling folks! At Cornerstone Xstate, it is all about guiding agents, transforming people & enriching lives! Wishing everyone A HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and also GONG XI FA CAI!