Mastering Real Estate Prosperity Through Feng Shui
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Mastering Real Estate Prosperity Through Feng Shui


Attaining Property Well-being via the art of Geomancy

Since time immemorial, human-beings have long been fascinated by the majestic beauty and sheer prowess of nature. The dynamic life force of QI aka ‘chi’ flows through all living things. Understanding the universal workings of nature is key to harnessing the phenomenal potential of this invisible energy that envelops everything in the universe. The amalgamation of 24 zodiac signs within the traditional Chinese lunar calendar in a comprehensive system of metaphysics, star charts, spatial diagrams, chakra discs & animal symbols results in an intricate interplay between ancient astrology and contemporary horoscopes represented by the four core elements in nature, namely earth, wind, fire and water. Thus, the study of geomancy or “feng shui” is born. The practice of analyzing and interpretating the under-lying forces is the principle driving force behind fengshui in the quest to seek an ideal balance or equilibrium, to live in perfect harmony with nature. The following are essential tips and tricks to optimize your property with positive chi to enhance their worth and value.

Year of the Metal Ox

Year of the Metal Ox

Throughout the new year, many uncertainties still exist with no short-term solution in sight amidst a raging pandemic. This year is expected to present more adversities during these challenging times. Nonetheless, the grit, tenacity and strength of the ox and its physical “bullish” nature is reassuring as hard work shall be duly rewarded with abundance. Financial consolidation and economic recovery are largely expected by year end or fourth quarter of 2021. This augurs well for most businesses particularly the real estate sector. There is much hope and optimism for the rather sluggish property market despite its overall lukewarm or lacklustre performance. The national economy is also projected to bounce back big as early as next year.

‘bagua’ tablet

Optimal Spatial Positioning

The setting or arrangement of one’s household items and other peripherals is absolutely critical in maximizing the energy flow within one’s home. The ideal configuration of home décor and furniture is determined through a series of complex calculations done on a force diagram (as illustrated above) or by using a palm-sized ‘bagua’ tablet. The optimal alignment of living spaces with respect to the chakra (or energy) lines within the house is crucial to creating the best possible ambience and also interior design that contributes to the home’s overall chi factor. It’s truly a fine art as well as delicate balancing act between embracing positive chi and dismissing the negative ones.


Decluttering Your Home

A home that is spruced up and well-maintained generally invites or welcomes positive energy flow around the house and living spaces. A disorganized home is typically filled with unwanted clutter or mess creating a largely negative aura, and literally giving off bad vibes to its occupants. If you wish to have better luck and greater prosperity during this lunar new year, perhaps it is time to start spring-cleaning your home right away. With regards to returns of investment, home-owners and land lords will surely rejoice to discover the elevated rental yield of their homes due to their diligent efforts in upkeeping and maintaining the property. God of Prosperity would also approve!

FengShui Master

Engaging a FengShui Master

Last but not least, consult a professional and expert in the field of geomancy who is credible and trustworthy in order to assess your property. This may break your budget initially but in the long run, a fengshui assessment actually helps to facilitate future investments and also prove beneficial by adding value to your property in more ways than you can imagine. A fengshui-certified home clearly brings forth more luck, greater wealth as well as abundant prosperity!