Success begins with passion, persistence and perseverance
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Success begins with passion, persistence and perseverance

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Since time immemorial, human-beings have been always searching for answers to the age-old question: What are the fundamental keys or secrets to success? What motivates us to succeed? We constantly seek success in our own unique ways, with the varying paths we take leading to different results, outcomes or consequences. The truth of the matter is that success must come from within us. When we begin to acknowledge or recognize our inner strengths and weaknesses, we learn to leverage on our potentials and prospects. Ultimately, we will master our goals, and manifest our greatest dreams and desires.

Whether it is a street beggar, a home maker or a corporate director, we all basically want the same things in life – to discover abundance, prosperity and happiness. There are infinite pathways throughout our journey towards success, but there are three traits or virtues that are quintessential in our quest for success. In this article, we explore the three core pillars that constitute the essence, foundation and cornerstone of success itself. For those embarking in the real estate profession, be it agents, negotiators, property managers, training coaches, motivational gurus, investment consultants or business entrepreneurs, these mantras are absolutely key to their success.

A fiery passion

Passion is having a burning desire or insatiable craving to accomplish our goals in the face of adversities and challenges. When we are hungry for success, we almost always get things done. If we treat a task as a chore instead of a love, life becomes a drudgery. Mundane and monotony sets in, and before we know it, failure is imminent. Do you know of someone who shows great promise in life yet fail to shine or deliver due to some mishap, fateful event or unforeseen circumstance? All of us could sure use more passion within our lives.
As Simon Sinek famously once said, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.” Indeed, when we are passionate about something, we often rise to the occasion, get out of comfort zone, and walk that extra mile to achieve it. It is essentially the caring that leads to the loving that leads to success. Having a smoldering passion is truly a baptism of fire. Always do what you love, and love what you do!

Be persistent like a rock

It is not only important to possess passion, we also need to exhibit persistence in whatever we do. It is a character trait that defines an unequivocal will to endure setbacks and overcome pitfalls without fail. You continually press on even though the outcome seems bleak. Should you surrender, give up or quit, all hope is definitely lost. Every time you fall down, you always get back on your feet. No matter how many times you stumble, you continue to rise and keep on going and moving. Failure is not an option period; only success shall suffice!
Always improving yourself, and getting better with each and every try or attempt. This is generally evident in most successful people, in particular one iconic inventor by the name of Thomas Alva Edison. He is so persistent in his mission of making a light-bulb shine that he would go to impossible lengths to realize his dream. Just imagine if Edison had given up on his 998th attempt (only one short of a eureka moment!), then the world as we know today would be obscured in complete darkness instead of light and illumination. With persistency comes consistency, and with consistency comes sweet success!

Persevere till the very end

Perseverance is being steadfast and having a strong will to withstand life’s adversities and challenges. It is perseverance that separates the winners from the losers; between triumphant success and pathetic failure. No matter what curve-balls life throws at you, you are ever ready to conquer them with grit, tenacity and endurance. Those who persevere stand a fighting chance to not only survive but also thrive. It is the ultimate test of character, desire, hunger, courage and strength to succeed through sheer motivation and utter willpower. Billionaire property mogul, real estate entrepreneur, celebrity TV superstar and former US president Donald J. Trump has this to say when it comes to perseverance. “No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.”
Everyone dreams of being successful yet how many of us are willing to endure tireless hard work and painstaking sacrifices? It is truly time to change your old mindset and usher in a new mentality that totally transforms your life by advocating altruism and espousing excellence. Success can be yours only if you are diligent, dedicated and disciplined. But above all else, true success manifests itself to those who demonstrates a fiery passion, unbridled persistency and unwavering perseverance. At Cornerstone Xstate, we develop and nurture exemplary agents and visionary leaders in our mission towards guiding agents, transforming people and enriching lives. Let us all continue to inspire success, keep hustling and stay cheerful!